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Feminism as a Constant Struggle

As part of Women’s History Month, King's Women in Law will host an event aimed at discussing the historic struggles of women from the right to vote to the everyday fights for substantive equality across the gender, sexuality, racial, religious and socio-economic spectrum.

The event will provide an opportunity for examining the political, economic and legal structures through which inequality is framed and reproduced and for showcasing feminist movements as powerful forces of social change.

Speakers will include:

Dr Jelke Boesten, Reader in Gender and Development, Department of International Development, 'From Impunity to Mobilisation: Contemporary Feminist Activism in Peru'

Professor Ann Mumford, Professor of Taxation Law, The Dickson Poon School of Law, 'Tax, Marriage and Resistance'

Dr Serena Natile, Postdoctoral Researcher, The Dickson Poon School of Law, 'Rethinking Inclusion Across Feminisms: The Struggle of Social Reproduction


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